Organic nitrogen from the amino acids that make up the Bovine Hemoglobin proteins, which can be absorbed by plants. It also contains other essential nutrients, where the high concentration of iron stands out.

Considering that the Vitalagro has in its composition 17 amino acids, among which there are the five that more influence in the metabolic processes of the plants (methionine, glutamic acid, arginine, alanine and glycine) it could influence on the vegetable organism, not only for the nutritional load that they contribute but that they imply the existence of an action to help to the cultures to overcome situations of stress and during great metabolic activity, as those that take place in the phases of sprouting, growth, flowering, fructification, etc.

Alanine and glycine intervene in the synthesis of chlorophyll. Arginine stimulates root growth, methionine is one of the amino acids that, together with cysteine, contain sulfur and is used by plants in the synthesis of ethylene, a phytohormone responsible for stress processes in plants, as well as fruit ripening, and the senescence of leaves, flowers and fruit absition.

Glutamic acid has a chelating action on nutrients, improving their absorption by the plant. Moreover, this amino acid is a natural reserve of nitrogen and can be transformed into other amino acids by transamination.

Application of our products in the agro-industrial sector