9 important things you should know about protein

Natural proteins are fundamental in the life of human beings. For pregnant women, children and adolescents, they are of vital importance. Read on and see why.

  1. Essential. Protein is the essential macronutrient par excellence. It contains the amino acids responsible for supplying the nutritional needs of our body and the requirements for the proper functioning of our entire system.
  2. Fundamental in growth. They are essential in the diet of human beings, especially in growing age, that is, in children, adolescents and pregnant women, because they promote the production of new cells.
  3. They are not produced by the body. Proteins are made up of essential and non-essential amino acids. The essential ones cannot be produced by our body, so it is necessary to acquire them through food.
  4. Where are they located? Proteins can be obtained from foods of plant origin, such as legumes and animals, such as meat and dairy. Vegetables have fewer essential amino acids, but the ideal is to combine both.
  5. In the third age. It is recommended to increase your intake, since it helps to regenerate tissues. Likewise, older adults who maintain more physical activity should consume them in greater quantity.
  6. Functions of great importance. They play a role of great importance in the body due to their nitrogen content.
  7. Antibodies. Some proteins work as a natural defense in cases of infection.
  8. Proteins of animal origin. Proteins of animal origin are found in fish, milk and its derivatives, meat, turkey, chicken and egg, which contains a high amount of essential amino acids. Red meat is a great source of complete protein, rich in iron, manganese, iodine, zinc, vitamin A and B complex.
  9. Increased muscle mass in a healthy way. Some nutrition experts indicate that ingesting natural proteins combined with carbohydrates and proper training, allows to increase muscle mass without the need to ingest protein supplements.