Dried Hemoglobin for Agriculture Use



Dried Bovine Hemoglobine for Agriculture Use.



Product obtained through centrifugal separation of bovine blood in our HACCP certified processing plants, collected from USDA certified slaughterhouses. The Hemoglobin is dehydrated in a spray dryer, which secures the conservation of proteins and their functional qualities.
Its organic certification makes it ideal for these crops, and any other that benefits the environment. Its high percentage of organic nitrogen is easily assimilated by any plant, therefore stimulating its vegetative development.
It is also worth mentioning its interesting application for the vegetative reactivation of weakened plants (by transplant, frost, pest or fungus attacks) or poorly developed, changing their appearance in a short period of time
It incorporates trace elements such as zinc and chelating agents (EDTA) that facilitate the absorption of iron, which helps prevent chlorosis in plants

Due to its natural characteristic, it has good availability and good nutritional balance, which also avoids the accumulation of residues in the soil, and this, in turn, contributes organic matter, therefore increasing the biological activity of the microorganisms in the soil.




Bovine Hemoglobin

Product analysis

Sensorial Characteristics

Guaranteed analysis


Physical Characteristics

Fine powder Dust




Odor Characteristic Organoleptico
Taste Characteristic Organoleptico
Physiochemical and Microbiological Characteristics
Humidity Max  8% AOAC 925.09
Protein (Nx6,25) Mínimun  90% AOAC 954.01
Ash Max 4% AOAC 923.03
Fats 0.02  
Solubility >90  
pH 7-8  
Nitrogen Content 14.4% Kjendahl
Mineral Content (%) P 0.10
Na 0.60
Cl 0.80
Mg 0.30
K 0.30
S 0.36
Fe (mg/kg) 2850



Directly to the soil before watering or delute in water (600 grams / 400lts water)and then apply

Presentation and Packaging

Powdered product packed in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner with a net weight of 25 kg

Expected shelf life.

2 years from the date of producttion

Storage ans handling.

This product should be stored in a cool place not pass a temperature of 30 ° C, on pallets at a minimum height of 8 cm, away from humidity and direct sun light

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