Dried Bovine Plasma for Animal Cosumption



Dried Bovine Plasma


Product obtained through centrifugal separation of bovine blood in our HACCP certified processing plants, collected from USDA certified slaughterhouses, The plasma is concentrated and then dehydrated in a spray dryer which secures the conservation of proteins and their functional qualities



Bovine Plasma

Product Analysis

Sensory Characteristic

Guaranteed Analysis


Physical Appearance

Fine Dust particles


Light Beige


Odor Characteristic Organoleptic
Flavor Characteristic Organoleptic

Physicochemical and microbiological

Humidity Maximun 6 % AOAC 925.09
Proteín (Nx6,25) Mínimun70 % AOAC 954.01
Fat Maximun 1 % AOAC 954.02
PH (10%solution) 8.5-9.5  
Solubility Mínimun 85 %  
Total solids 92 ± 1%  
Salts Maximun 18% ASTM D512
BAM <100,000 UFC/g  
Totals Coliforms < 100 UFC/g  
E. Coli(10g) Absent  
Salmonella (25g Absent  

Metabolizable Energy in Pork(ME) kcal/kg

3,300kcal/kg ATwater
Metabolizable Energy n poultry kcal/kg 3,114 kcal/kg  

% ofAmino acids weight over weight based on total dry matter

Amino digestible acids
Alanine 4.10  
Arginine 4.30 3.91
Cysteine 2.77 2.35
Histidine 2.34 2.04
Isoleucine 2.24 1.90
Leucine 7.01 6.10
Methionine 0.75 0.63
phenylalanine 3.76 3.23
Tryptophan 1.61 1.48
Threonine 5.29 4.23
Tyrosine 3.92 2.98
Valine 5.15 4.22
Lysine 6.36  
Minerals contents (%) Calcium 0.08.%
phosphate 0.13%
Potasium 0.31%
Sodium 5.58%
Copper 8ppm
Iron 76ppm
Magnesium 315ppm
zinc 10pmm 

Aplications and potential consumers

It is recommended to be use as an ingredients in feed formulations, from 2 to 6% , for newly weaned pigs, poultry, pets and other animal species.

It is also an optimum feed ingredient in the  above mentioned species because of its high digestibility, high biological value of its protein,  and passive protection linked to its immunoglobulin content. It exerts a protective effect on the intestinal mucosa, giving a greater protection against E. coli infection.

Presentation and Packaging


Powdered product packed in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner with a net weight of 25 kg

Expected shelf life.

2 years from the date of  production


Storage and handling.

This product should be stored in a cool place not pass a temperature of 30 ° C, on pallets at a minimum height of 8 cm, away from humidity and direct sun light

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