Protena In the News

Protena in the News

As Protena Nicaragua has grown, it's unique function has also caught the attention of Nicaraguan press.

By providing a way to manage what would otherwise be considered waste from the different abattoirs, it has given them an economic and environmentally-friendly way of disposing of said "waste". 

Among those who have taken notice of Protena’s innovative production process are APEN and La Prensa Nicaragua, who have each recently published articles regarding Protena’s role in the Nicaraguan economy. 


APEN is a private, non-profit organization with more than 20 years working to strengthen and promote Nicaraguan Exports, in favor of the economic development of the country. 


La Prensa Nicaragua is one of Nicaragua’s leading newspapers with over 75 years experience reporting the news. 


To read the articles, click here (Spanish Only):

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