UniRSE 2013 fair

Protena participated in the UniRSE 2013 fair (http://www.unirse.org) The main focus of this fair was Corporate Social Responsibility, where Protena had a stand to show the CSR work they do. 
The goal was to talk about some of our CSR initiatives (such as our bio-digestors that process and transform residual waters into cleaner water and Biogas, that can be used in the production), but at the same time, to be inspired by other participants' CSR initiatives.
The Protena representatives spoke to other participants that were interested in our work in general, and in particular, the work that benefits the environment and society. 
We gained much knowledge about initiatives that could be very interesting for Protena, such as the collaboration with a foundation that works with the nourishment of poor children in schools. If possible, Protena wants to aid with donations of hemoglobin for the project. 
Another new CSR initiative in Protena that was created at the fair is the management of electronic residues, from both the company and employees. We considered collaborating with a foundation that collects electronics and that will eliminate them in a sustainable manner for the environment. 

The Fair was a success for Protena, as well as an inspiration to continue improving and implementing our CSR initiatives

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