Sustainable development

From July 2014 PROTENA SA begins to develop and implement environmental management system according to the guidelines of the international standard ISO 14001: 2004 with the support of MIFIC and the European Union under the program to strengthen the competitiveness of Nicaraguan MSMES


Natural Proteins has been assessed and found to comply with the ISO 14001: 2004. The certificate has been issued from 16 November 2015 to 15 November 2018 d. See code of validity: 32392A4F-5B5



This project has strengthened and established PROTENA commitments to improve its environmental management, basing its policy on 4 basic principles:

  1. Compliance with environmental legal requirements   
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement
  3. Commitment to pollution prevention
  4. Notice to our employees and the commitment acquired by them for the conservation of the environment.  Our Policies ...                                                                  


  • Detailed energy audits 

Depending on the implementation of environmental management programs and seeking continuous improvement, PROTENA signed with the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the Nordic fund manager in November 2014, the technical assistance agreement for the execution of a detailed energy audit.   (NDF004 / Natural GN_Proteinas SA)

Consulting activities are executed by the CPML- Nicaragua, which were approved by the IIC by the GREENPYME program in Nicaragua. 

After the completion of the project monitoring protocols according to our environmental management procedures, auditors (CPCs) and CII were applied to determine:

  1.  If you have met the goals of savings in energy consumption 
  2. Decrease in CO2 emissions compared to the base line study.

 GREENPYME II - Increasing Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises [NDF C39]

The scope of the energy audit are:

  1. Know, specifically, the level of energy efficiency with which the company works from the information of energy consumption, production and specific measurements during the production process. 
  2. Establish indicators of end-use energy consumption centers.
  3. Establish an energy efficiency program with specific recommendations for consumption center or systems.

Environment Committee:  

As of March 16, 2015 PROTENA begins to participate in meetings of the environment committee of AmCham, the strategy is to organize and develop activities that benefit the environment by following models:

  1. Organization: Engaging friendly businesses environment or continuous improvement initiatives.
  2. Activities: You undertake and organize fairs, seminars, school talks for continuous improvement and through CSR. Further talks between committee members will be established to keep up to date technologies, applicable environmental legislation and environmental education continues within the committee members. 

Dried Bovine Blood
NameDried Bovine BloodDescriptionProduct obtained from bovine blood in our HACCP certified processing plants
Leer Mas Zoom
Dried Bovine Hemoglobin for Human Consumption
Dried Bovine Hemoglobin for human consumption ( PROVITA)NameDried Bovine HemoglobinDescriptionProduct
Leer Mas Zoom
Dried Bovine Plasma for Animal Cosumption
DRIED BOVINE PLASMA FOR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION( PROMAX)NameDried Bovine PlasmaDescriptionProduct obtained
Leer Mas Zoom
Dried Bovine Plasma Human Consumption
DRIED BOVINE PLASMA HUMAN CONSUMPTION ( NUTRIPRO)NameDried Bovine PlasmaDescriptionProduct obtained
Leer Mas Zoom
Dried Hemoglobin for Agriculture Use
Leer Mas Zoom
Frozen Concentrated Bovine Plasma
NameFrozen Concentrated Bovine PlasmaDescriptionProduct obtained through centrifugal separation of bovine blood in
Leer Mas Zoom
Spray Dried Bovine Hemoglobin
NameSpray Dried HemoglobinDescriptionProduct obtained through centrifugal separation of bovine blood in our HACCP
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